Diagnosing health issues in Cannabis plants


And here we are: focusing about the most over spoken topic of every Cannabis grower and farmer. How to identify an health issue of our plants.

Nowadays we are bombed of information through internet and other sources and that makes this delicate process very difficult for all the beginners.

Most of the time you read about calcium and magnesium(Calcium is immobile and difficult for plants to take up and transport) deficiencies and for this reason most of the people go to their trusted growshop to buy the world famous CalMag solution in order to solve the problem. Unfortunately most of the time it's not a problem of lack of one (or both) of these two important minerals but their bioavailability.

Perhaps boron or silicic acid is unavailable or locked out.

A good knowledge about the biochemical sequence of the plants will help you to move around all these issues and find the right solution for it.

Being in the condition to identify a problem of your plant and the consequent solution is the first requirement for every grower.

Another misunderstanding take to happens with Nitrogen.

It usually appears as an even yellowing of leaves, indicating slowed photosynthesis. In an attempt to fix the problem we are often quick to supplement with more nitrogen. This may fix the problem in some cases, but it doesn’t always fix the issue at hand.

Nitrogen moves from the roots to the lower leaves. After that, the enzyme nitrogenase helps to move nitrogen from the lower (older) leaves up to the new growth. Nitrogenase is stimulated by the presence of molybdenum (Mo). If molybdenum is deficient, this process is slowed down and deficiencies may appear in the upper leaves of your plant.

So, if upper leaves are yellowing and lower mature leaves are still as green as they should be (with proper nitrogen levels), it’s more likely to be a problem with molybdenum. If that’s the case, adding additional nitrogen may only cause unwanted problems in the growing medium.

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