The benefits of "Flushing"

This simple procedure, so simple that a large part of growers have forgotten it (especially here in the Netherlands), allows us to eliminate nutrients during the last stages of flowering of our plants through the use of simple running water that will improve flavor, smell and structure of the crop.

The difference in flavor is so obvious that every grower should use it. The excesses of nutrients in the plant leave tastes tending to metal and soap in the mouth. Rinsing before harvest will eliminate this excess which will turn into that delicious flavor you have been waiting for. In the last week of flowering, the plant stops absorbing nutrients, releasing excess nutrients into the nutrient solution. By replacing the solution with water in this last stage, the absorption of water and the release of nutrients will be encouraged.

If you have an EC meter (electrical conductivity), continue to test the conductivity level of the water present in the saucer. You will notice that the conductivity level will increase as the plant returns the nutrients to the water. In some areas of hard water, better results can be obtained if the plant is allowed to develop to full maturity and to rinse for another week.

The water in the tank may have to be replaced with water / solution for rinsing with running water several times in that period. Flushing can also be helpful if a nutrient problem has been experienced for any number of reasons. Washing the plant for 24 hours and then putting a fresh nutrient solution into the system will help the plant get rid of excess nutrients. Natural water (soft, but not reverse osmosis) may be sufficient for both washing techniques. However, some growers prefer to use specific products for this technique To make things clearer, I decided to publish a scheme that summarizes the importance of this procedure in key points, the last step in preparing a product with a high therapeutic potential in the case of over fertilization or harvest.

Rinsing necessary in case of over fertilization

Pour water through the soil / tank to rinse off unwanted salts etc. And remove them.

- Fill the jar / tank with pure water or washing solution.

- Test and correct the pH level. - Let it circulate for 24 hours.
- Remove normal water or washing solution from the jar / tank.

- Replace with fresh nutrient solution before harvest.

In the last two to three weeks before harvest gradually reduce the nutrient strength, checking the level of conductivity.

Use an EC meter as an indicator of the presence of nutrients in the soil: the lower the conductivity level, the less nutrients will be present in the soil.

Try to get it down to 0.4 / 0.6. One week before harvesting remove the nutrient solution from the tank.

Replace with pure water or washing solution. Testing and correcting the pH level in case of DWC Hydroponics, for those who use soil or coco, may be optional. Leave to circulate until harvest.


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