How to approach cannabis for the first time?

On many occasions, a bad approach to cannabis can result in an unpleasant experience that can be enough for some to walk away (tragically) from this wonderful plant and its fruits.

Typically, the reason is closely related to anxiety and paranoia due to high THC percentages as a result of crime controlling the market. But what is still not understood is that we have a solution for a gradual and pleasant approach to cannabis, excluding the above effects.

This article is actually dedicated not only to all beginners, but also to those who, like me, have a low tolerance and it is my intention to tell you about some tricks for a perfect first experience.


    Find a high CBD strain

Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive and in combination with THC enhances its medicinal and relaxing properties. Also being a THC antagonist, CBD helps us minimize the not-so-pleasant effects of high THC percentages. There are cannabis genetics that Cannabis Cura Sicilia possesses and cannot wait to be able to attend its birth, we are talking about genetics with a THC ratio of 1: 1 to CBD as well as 1: 3.

In my humble opinion, a perfect strain to start with would be Cannatonic by Resin Seeds seed bank. This Spanish genetics produces a quantity of THC of no more than 6% and a quantity of CBD capable of up to 17%. In fact, as from one of the best therapeutic strains we have, Cannatonic is often used to treat pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, migraines etc .. Most phenotypes have earthy smells and a very sweet lemon flavor (especially when vaped).

I advise you not to approach cannabis through experiences with Haze strains and therefore with high percentages of THC.


Once you have found your strain with our help, it is time to decide on the method of recruitment that we like best. There is no way to make mistakes at this stage, but I'd like to tell you about the subtle nuances that may exist between them.

Smoking: Most people approach cannabis by smoking it, which has its benefits but also its drawbacks. An advantage that smoking offers is the “dose-control” and a negative effect can be the unpleasant sensation in the throat that all smokers remember.

Vaporize. Vaping is the ideal intake method for beginners. Basically by taking vapor containing cannabinoids, the throat problem was solved while maintaining the dosing control and the structure of the terpenes and therefore of the flavor, which will be decidedly more marked. The market offers portable vaporizers and tabletop vaporizers

Ingestion. Edible products containing cannabis are very versatile and easy to transport. However, as a beginner, I would start slowly and with a low dose, taking into account the fact that we will perceive the first effects after one or two hours and that usually after ingestion the effects are more intense and lasting. The recommended dose for or beginners is 5mg and then move on to 10mg and 20mg.

 “Ok, all interesting, but in fact we don't have this choice”.

The answer is the Social Club, a space far from the rules of the criminal market and which works in synchrony with the needs of the members. It is the love for cannabis and for our neighbor that drives us to fight for it, it is our right! Stay connected for other insights

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