Microdosing of Cannabis, an analysis of the main aspects.

In the midst of the American anti-pro swerve and an openness to the therapeutic aspect of cannabis in a timid Europe, we are witnessing the growth of a community of cannabis activists who are pushing for an organized consumption of cannabis in microdoses distributed throughout the day. This "strategy" is having a lot of success in the American states where cannabis has been regulated.

What is microdosing?
Those who practice microdosing generally consume products with a high percentage of THC, in order to have their effects under control and avoid that they can interfere with daily activities. Many of you will think, "but I can safely do any daily task, even work, under the effect of high doses of THC". But there is also a large portion of consumers whose degree of tolerance is not very high. The combination of the need to take products with a high THC content with a poor tolerance to the same active ingredient makes it necessary to take microdoses.
“Microdosing is a very subjective method. There is no magic formula for all consumers; it is different for each of us.
Most people know little about microdosing, ”says Michelle Ross, founder of IMPACT Network, a non-profit organization that aims to discover new cannabis-based therapeutic treatments through empirical medical research.
Osteopathic physicist Dustin Sulak argues that high doses of THC are less efficient than low doses for some patients. A clear example was found with anxious subjects, who benefited from low doses of THC, while on the other hand experiencing episodes of anxiety when administered high doses of THC.

There are several methods for microdosing, but some may be more efficient than others. Experts recommend taking tinctures, oils and edibles for the ease of controlling the THC dosage which should be around 2.5 mg at the start.
Even in California, KIVA Confections, an ethical and successful company in the Cannabis market, offers its customers products whose concentrations start from 2.5 mg, facilitating the customer in the path of microdosing. Although microdosing relates in most cases to THC, a careful dosage of CBD could guarantee an even more enjoyable experience. Always take into account the potential of the 1: 1 THC / CBD ratio.

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