Referendum: No to the cannabis question

The Constitutional Court declared the referendum on the decriminalization of cannabis cultivation inadmissible.

President Giuliano Amato said this at a press conference. The Constitutional Court also rejected the referendum on the direct civil liability of judges, declaring the question inadmissible. Instead, a referendum will be held which aims to recognize the right of lawyers to vote on the judges' professionalism assessments in the judicial councils.

"The referendum was not on cannabis, but on drugs."

It referred to substances that include poppy, coca, the so-called hard drugs. And this was enough to make us violate international obligations ", said Amato in a press conference, explaining the rejection of the question." This decision of the constitutional court is incredible after the referendum was signed by 600 thousand citizens. after yesterday's decision on euthanasia we can say that in this country it is impossible to promote referendums. The constitutional court did what President Amato said a few days ago that should not be done, that is to nitpick ", so Riccardo Magi, deputy and president of Più Europa, before the Consulta.


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