About us


In Dab We Trust was born from a magical meeting between Emanuele Milazzo, Enrico Fazio and Fabio Senizza for the first time at the first and last edition of Spanabis Madrid in October 2017.


The desire, the passion and the ability in the field of extracts and cultivation led us the same year to the victory of the second place in the extracts with solvents category at the CBD of the IV edition of the Fresh Cup of Zaragoza.

Between 2018 and 2019 we successfully established ourselves in the Italian CBD market and in the Dutch THC market collaborating in Italy with the largest farms in the raising Cannabis Light sector and with multiple Dutch coffeshops.

In 2019 another satisfaction comes in the Spanish Cannabis Frame, to be exact in Lanzarote where we managed to rank first in the professional indoor flowers category of the fourth edition of the Vulcanna.

We spent 2020/2021 in Lanzarote where we builded up our first complete Cannabis facility. In this time we took care of each step of growing Cannabis and selling. Discover our strains selection!

Today we have a brand that is distributed on a European level. We have partnerships with the most successful seed banks, including DSP Genetics, Positronic, Panoramix Genetics, Natural Genetics Seeds Wanted Seeds and Spliff Seeds (for which we write weekly reports in Dutch on their genetics) and fertilizer companies  such as Dogma Organics and Agrobeta.


Since we don't believe in limits, we try to aim to the maximum in the hope of being able to operate freely also in our country.

In addition to the inflorescences, below, the types of extraction that we offer:

- Dry Ice

- Dry Sift

- DHO (with dimethyl ether)

- PHO (with Propane gas)

- BHO (with Butane gas)

- Extracts in alcohol

- Rosin

- "Pollinator" mechanical extraction

- Ice O Lator

- Extraction in olive oil, sesame and organic hemp Full Spectrum

- Extraction in clarified butter

- Production of liquids for cigarettes

- Full spectrum syrups

- We also offer THC abatement services to make inflorescences and extracts according to the law.