What or who should we thank for the sweet cirtronella flavor of our world famous Super Lemon Haze strain? Who should we complain to about the strong and pungent cheese-like smell of the classic Cheese?


The Terpenes !!

As we have analyzed in previous articles, each strain has its own unique content of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids and each of them also possesses a distinct Terpene profile.

These newly discovered and mapped elements play a fundamental role in the smells and flavors of every cannabis inflorescence and beyond. However, these have a much wider potential that is added to the aromatic one: Terpenes have an incredible therapeutic potential ranging from anti-stress properties to memory protection.


What are Terpenes?


First of all, as mentioned above, Terpenes are not found only in the Cannabis plant: Pinene, for example, is found in conifers and pines and Caryophyllene in numerous herbs and spices.

A plant can produce several terpenes whose combination in all their ratios puts us in a position to savor their smells and tastes.

Many cannabis studies have shown that the smells produced by cannabis terpenes help the plant attract pollinators, repel insects, and protect against bacteria and fungi. But how does the smell change from one plant to another?


The definition of a terpene profile depends primarily on the climate, soil and age of the plant. Researchers have discovered a synergistic relationship between cannabinoids that contributes to the development of the entire phyto-complex.


You have surely already heard that eating a Mango before taking Cannabis can increase and prolong its effects. Do you know why?

Myrcene, one of the most common terpenes, likes to work in synergy with THC. THC and terpenes concentrated in the psychoactive area of ​​our brain alter chemical outputs such as serotonin and dopamine, but terpenes can regulate the access of THC into the blood brain barrier, creating an effect that varies from plant to plant.


A new horizon


Terpenes represent a new frontier for cannabis experts and enthusiasts as well as researchers. Until a few years ago, mapping terpenes helped us distinguish strains more specifically and safely.

However, we have often found strains with identical cannabinoid balance but with different terpene profiles. This very important new discovery will allow breeders to develop new genetics, based on the needs and wishes of the customer.

Most of the research has focused primarily on the importance of cannabinoids, but by now more than 200 Terpenes with different characteristics and compositions have already been identified. Many laboratories are able to map Terpenes in seconds, but there is still a lot to learn. What therapeutic properties are they able to offer us? Can we control the development of a terpene profile? Can we shape our hiring experience through the manipulation of terpenes?

We hope to be able to give you an answer as soon as possible, but in the meantime we list the most common Terpenes present in our strains:





If you're feeling down, Limonene can help cheer you up and improve your attitude. If properly treated, this terpene has a powerful anti-depressant and gastric reflux function

Super Lemon Haze and Durban Poisono are two strains that possess this terpene to a massive extent.




Distinguished by its musky and earthy smell, this terpene offers relaxing effects by increasing the psychoactive effect of the strain in which it is present. It is the most common terpene also present in many other types of plants.

You can find it for example in Pure Kush and El Nino




Do you need a mental boost? Always consider strains with a Pinene rich profile. This terpene is the same one we encounter in Pines and Sage.

Jack Herer and Dutch Treat are two strains rich in this wonderful element.




This terpene has proven anti-inflammatory therapeutic properties.

Girl Scout Cookies, White Widow




Are you looking for something lemony and floral? This terpene is also found in the lavender, birch and laurel plant and is considered the chamomile of the terpenes for its great properties against insomnia, depression and anxiety.

Amnesia Haze and G-13

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