Our Mission

In Dab We Trust Grows&Extracts is based on a strong and well defined complex of ideas.

We believe that after almost a century of an obscurantist propaganda against Cannabis perpetrated by all countries and institutions pf the world, the diffusion of disinformation can only be beaten by only changing the way cannabis present itself to the public, next to a massive operation of education and information.

We need to give another face to the Cannabis Community and Culture spreading the real values of it such as solidarity, friendship, tolerance, respect, multiculturalism.

After years of experience with international activism, awards and a deep knowledge of the market in different countries, we feel we are a dynamic part of the green revolution and able to give a valuable contribute.

Operating in three different countries, we are able to communicate using six languages, offering our expertise politely and with respect to the public and all the facets composing it. 

We strongly believe Cannabis is a special link and a tool that bring people together(exactly the opposite of the result of our contemporary social structure) and we want to take the best advantage from this gift of mother nature.We want you to entertain each other, look each other in the eyes, exchange ideas and opinion and create an active community in our society. A community taking care of human rights and environment, in the frame of the Cannabis Social Club our "container of ideas".