Bubble Cookies

Bubble Cookies

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Very special Indica-dominant hybrid, created using our incredible Chicle phenotype (T.H. Seeds) and Double Berry Cookies#4 reversed. Most of the phenotypes show a cookie structure with a complex terpenes profile, cookies, hazelnut, fruits milkshake, condensed milk. The tremendous resin production makes Bubble Cookies ideal for extractions, especially without solvents. Easy to grow, fast and explosive blooming.


Plant type

Indica 60%, Sativa 40%


Cookies, Hazelnut, fruits milkshake, condensed milk, gummy bears


complex, mind/body balanced, psychedelic, very satisfactory, long lasting


55-60 days


in: 450g/sq.m. – out: 500g/sq.m.

Seedbank: DSP Genetics