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Hybrid full of resin, obtained by a very special pheno of Straw Banana Cream (Karma LTD), pollinized by our Platinum Huckleberry Cookies#3. Karma Cookies is characterized for its vigor, robustness and it’s medium branch sized. Altough, some phenos may manifest long stretching, so we advice a medium period of vegetation.

Very compact and dense buds, with blueberry/fresh fruits/apple/banana aroma and gas/cookies scent, delicious! This strain stands out because of its overwhelming production of trichomes, which are aromatic, strong and excellent for higher quality extractions. Average yield compensated for a short flowering period.


Plant type

Indica 50%, Sativa 50%


Blueberry/Apple/Banana, gas/cookies scent


complex, intense energetic high, mind/body balanced


60 days


in: 350g/sq.m. – out: 400 g/sq.m.

Seedbank: DSP Genetics