Platinum Cookies

Platinum Cookies

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Easy to grow and little demanding. The lineage keeps the dominant characters of the mother: vigor, quick blooming and resistance to diseases and plagues (especially Spider Mite). 50% of the phenotypes with blueberry/cookies/muffin terpenic profile, and diesel/kush nuances. 50% with Paki hash/cookies recessive terpenic profile, with Lime and Bergamot nuances.80% of the phenotypes change to blue/purple color at any slight temperature variation.A true delight for any grower, amateurs and professionals.


Plant type

Indica 50%, Sativa 50%


Blueberry/cookies/muffin, diesel/kush – Paki hash/cookies, Lime and Bergamot nuances


Mind/body balanced, Strong, Long Lasting, Energetic, Creative, Psychedelic


55-60 days


in: 450g/sq.m. – out: 500g/sq.m.


Seedbank: DSP Genetics