Supersoil mixture of 4 components Super Soil In Dab We Trust Grows&Extracts

Supersoil mixture of 4 components

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What is it:

Biological preparation to mix with your non-pre-fertilized soil.
100% made in Italy.

It contains:

NPK organic fertilizer with mixed vegetable organic compost. Natural correction Calcium and Magnesium. Enriched with micorizze, trichoderma, humic and fulvic acids.

How it works:

Mix it with your non-pre-fertilized soil, then water only with water! Maximize the organoleptic potential of your plants.


Mix with 100 or 400 liters of soil / non-pre-fertilized substrate.


Minibox of 2.5 kg to mix with 100 liters of soil.
Box of 10.5 kg to mix with 400 liters of soil.